Zindn shield cold spray zinc

01 ------ Introduction of zinc shield cold spray zindn

Zindn Shield high-performance cold-spray zinc coatings, cold-spray zinc products made of pure thin graphene, a new generation of heavy-duty anti-corrosion industrial paints. Deeply combining the high rust resistance of cold-sprayed zinc technology with the excellent electrical, chemical, and mechanical properties of graphene is an effective solution to the current anti-corrosion problems of steel structures.

02 ------ Excellent performance of graphene materials


03 ------ Zindn shield high-performance cold spraying zinc zindn protection mechanism


04 ------Performance characteristics of zinc shield high-performance cold-sprayed zinc

1. Salt spray resistance:

The cold spray olefin zinc salt spray is far superior to the zinc-rich primers and graphene zinc powder primers containing more than 70% zinc on the market, and the salt spray resistance time is more than 2 times the existing zinc powder primer standard.

2. Excellent anti-cracking performance

The excellent mechanical strength of graphene is evenly dispersed into "graphene islands", which suppresses the propagation of cracks and extends the crack path.

Test method: Thick coating on angle steel to simulate steel structure, 50 cycles of cooling and heating between -20 and 60°C, cracking of primer without graphene (220-240 microns); primer of graphene (280-370 microns) ) No cracking.

3. Inhibit the spread of corrosion: The zinc salt deposits in the rusted area inhibit the spread of corrosion.

After 1000 hours of salt spray test, the corrosion of the traditional zinc-rich primer scratches spread.

In the salt spray test for 3000 hours, the rust of the cold sprayed zinc zinc primer did not spread.

4. Excellent adhesion: Graphene makes the coating have better adhesion.

5. Excellent impact resistance: The layer structure of graphene overlapping each other improves the impact resistance of the coating, impact resistance>55/cm.

6. Better economy: cold sprayed zinc zinc has high volume solid content, low density, and low paint consumption.

7. Better construction matching: the thick film does not crack or fall off, and the matching is better.

05 ------ Comparison of salt spray resistance of zindn shield high performance cold spray zinc







Zindn Shield Super Anti-rust Paint

Revolutionary curing attachment principle ---- super performance can be used for aircraft carrier repair

With rust coating, super hardness, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance

No matter whether it is rusted or not, it can easily solve the problem of rust through a simple one-time process and control rust and corrosion for a long time.

The anti-rust ability far exceeds the anti-rust anti-rust paint and rust conversion coating, completely solve the problem of repair with rust.

01 ------ Technical characteristics

1. Most of the painted surfaces do not need to be treated

2. Painting in high humidity environment

3. Fire resistance and high temperature resistance

4. High hardness and wear resistance

5. Corrosion resistance, excellent rust removal effect

02 ------ Application field

Bridges and flyovers, petrochemicals, thermal power generation, railway transportation, ship and automobile manufacturing, sea crude oil, drilling towers, power transmission towers, water conservancy hubs, machinery manufacturing, etc.

03 ------ Construction parameters

Coating process construction parameters:
Construction methodsManual brushing and roller coatingAir sprayHigh pressure airless spray
Thinner dosage (volume ratio %)0-100-200-5
Spray pressure Mpa0.2-0.40.4-0.7
Nozzle aperture1.5-2.50.38 -0.53
Viscosity(P)10-2515 - 35
Note: The above viscosity is Ford cup nr4 (23℃). In addition, the super anti-rust paint is also suitable for dip coating and special pressure spray can construction methods. The above dilution ratio is for reference only.

04 ------ Technical parameter

Test itemsTechnical indexDetection method
Paint film appearanceSilver grey liquidVisual inspection
Proportion0.95 -1 g/mlGB/T 6750-2007
Solid volume50%(±3)GB/T 9272-2007
AdhesionLevel 1 (100 grid test)GB/T 9286-89
Pencil hardness≥5HGB/T 6739-2006
Impact resistance≥ 50cm   ≥Recoil 30cmGB/T 1732-1993
Flexibility2mmGB/T 6742-2007
Abrasion resistance(CS17 wheel, 1kg, 1000r) mg wear 38mgGB/T1768-2006
Salt spray resistance testSurface treatment metal model(≥2000小时)GB/T 1771-2007
Heat resistance150 degrees temperature resistance 168 hoursGB/T1735-2009
Fire preventionA grade fireproof coatingVerified by ASTM
Resistance to artificial agingUV 2000 hours passGB/T 1865-2009
Chemical resistantAcid and alkali resistance 168 hours Seawater resistance 1000 hoursGB/T 9274-1988
Anti-fungal testTested for 28 days without moldGJB 150.10A-2009
Constructability of paintBrush/roller/spraying/dry film thickness 25-65 m (wet film 50-130 m)µGB/T 6822

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